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This Power Wash Training Course video features an event in Cocoa, Florida.  The event was held at King Street Baptist Church in Cocoa, Fl in February 2024.  One of the most troublesome areas we cleaned was along the back wall of the facility.  While the concrete was not dirty, you can see how heavily stained the white window sills were in the video.  They were covered with black and green algae.  We we’re able to train about ten participants on this back wall with the wand.  Basically, the bleach changes the color of the algae and our Dougie Fresh helps loosen the stains.  I also taught how to reach the top window sills without using a ladder with the 0060 shooter nozzle.


We talked about the important of looking at the overall job on site and developing a plan for set up.  Location of water supply, rig parking, and hose management are all key pieces of getting set up on the job successfully.  It’s important to think strategically about this in order to save time and physical energy.  We also discussed other issues at length such as property protection and downstreaming.  I was able to demonstrate and allow them to use the FlowPro downstream remote system as well.  Our BigSlinger Soft Wash System was also a major part of the training.


We broke for lunch and moved the truck to set up for roof cleaning in the afternoon.  Spray technique is the most important aspect of effective roof cleaning service.  I demonstrated how to avoid flooding the roof so that you are conserving water, bleach and surfactant while protecting the property.  And we showed how to use tyvac for property protection as well.  This three day training event also included the Difference Makers business growth conference.  In addition, Jeff Blackman provided hands on parking lot stripe training.  We are excited to bring this same three day event to Atlanta, Georgia June 20-22, 2024.  Let us know in the comment section if you might be interested in attending the Atlanta training event.

by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker

Pressure Washing Startup Video


In this PRESURE WASHING START UP VIDEO, I cover the equipment you need.  While our physical location is in the Houston, Texas region, we proudly serve all 50 states through my online school and store.  Not only do I show you the equipment you will need, I also demonstrate it in use outside.  My passion is helping new startups build their business!  So thanks for checking out my PRESSURE WASHING STARTUP VIDEO.


I recommend starting your business with the Kohler 4 GPM pressure washer.  It is a B.E. with Kohler engine and when money is lean and the budget is tight, this is a great way to start!  If you do have any questions about this machine or any of the equipment in this PRESSURE WASHING STARTUP VIDEO, be sure ask it in the comments section.  I always reply personally and try to respond to questions in comments in a timely manner.  This is professional grade machine that will assist cleaning houses and even small commercial buildings.


The Whisper Wash Ultra Clean surface cleaner is another highly recommended attachment for your power wash business.  I change the nozzles due to the strong power resulting in the machine lifting or rising up from the surface.  I don’t really like this so the nozzles I use prevents this from occurring on the job.  It’s light weight, versatile, and easy to maneuver on the job.


You definitely need the pressure wash gun assembly with the Suttner safety orange easy pull trigger.  At the 7:00 time stamp, I demonstrate how this gun can works when down streaming.  You can also use it with various nozzles that enable rinsing as well as reaching higher surface areas.  This is when a J ROD kit is extremely handy.  Be sure and watch the entire video to take advantage of all the tips and tricks.  I sure hope this PRESSURE WASHING STARTUP VIDEO helps you build your new business.  Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help in any way!