by Dean Dean

Pressure Wash Downstream

Pressure Wash Downstream

What is the difference between plug in/socket out versus plug out/socket in?  While I have several videos on Pressure Wash Down Stream basics, I did receive an email with questions about pressure washer configurations.  Some of the products on the store website provide a configuration option for you to choose from.  You can select either plug in/socket out or plug out/socket in.  This can be somewhat confusing, especially if you are new to the pressure washing service business.  So this Pressure Wash Downstream video will help clarify some things and answers questions you may have.


This entire issue boils down to the direction that the water flows from your pressure washer machine.  On the water outlet from the machine, you will have either a socket fitting or a plug flitting.  Sometimes the socket is also called a coupler.  The way all of my machines are set up is “plug out.”  But most machines arrive from manufacturers with a “socket out” configuration.  We provide custom builds and this means you can choose your own personal preference for this option.  At the 2:50 time stamp, I provide an example of one of our store products on the website with this option.  At 4:30, you’ll see a very important but small arrow which indicates the flow direction of the water.  So understanding pressure wash downstream configuration really boils down to the direction the water flows.


Then I also explain how this configuration option applies to a pressure washing gun.  At this point, I explain once again that his is all simply a matter of personal preference.  One of the main reasons I prefer the “plug out” option is I get as much better flow and spray pattern.  That is the case when I use a ball valve to downstream or rinse.  Another way to explain this is that whatever your water is coming “out” of, that is your outlet fitting.  Please don’t hesitate to put any questions you may have about this in the comments section.  And be sure and take advantage of all our training opportunities coming up in the near future.