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In this POWER WASH EDUCATION video post, you’ll from a student from SPAIN.  He flew 12 hours to learn and grow with our August 2023 hands on training event in Houston.  This is a monthly training opportunity that offers not only hands on training with equipment on the job site.  It also includes a day of classroom learning with QnA.  This is a different way of providing direct insight and information about what it’s like to be a part of my school.  Peter Harding first began his journey learning about this business through Doug Rucker’s YouTube channel.



There was one big attraction to Doug Rucker’s Pressure Washing School that attracting to him.  It was the idea that you could receive both training and equipment all under one roof through his school and his store.  The videos are easy to understand, and very clear.  It’s great because all of the training is directed toward those who are brand new to the industry.  Peter also enjoyed meeting and getting to know the group of guys that were also part of the August 2023 Power Wash Education school.


The first day is all hands on equipment training and demonstrations.  Peter makes it clear this is invaluable because he has never even held this type of professional grade pressure washing business equipment.  He describes much of what taught as “nuggets of gold.”  The day went really quick, and for Peter, any more would have been too much to absorb.  He calls it “complete, full, and enjoyable.”  Soft washing and downstreaming with a dedicated pump is a big focus of this first day of hands on power wash education.


Day two takes place in the training center classroom.  The training modules include house washing, roof cleaning, concrete cleaning and property protection.  All of the training is also available to students through video access for continued reviewing and learning.  Doug will continue to be there for Peter once he is back in Spain to help him with continuing education.  Along with Peter, all of Doug’s students are encouraged to reach back out to him any time they have questions and might need additional assistance.  At 7:30 into the video, Peter also talks about how we work together to get the equipment he needs to start his business.  We are actually shipping his equipment to Spain!  Be sure and check out all the training opportunities you can take advantage of.  And remember for those who cannot make it out to Texas, we do have an online video school as well.

by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker



This POWER WASH BUSINESS TIPS video post answers questions from my YouTube channel viewers.  Specifically, I had several questions about the adjustable wand that we use.  I always enjoy answering questions because I know it will be helpful to many others who might also have similar questions.  The adjustable wand is actually the ADJUSTABLE DUAL LANCE STRAIGHT WAND.  And there are a few other POWER WASH BUSINESS TIPS in this video post as well concerning other things.


I call it “adjustable wand” because we use it to adjust our pressure while cleaning around delicate surfaces.  This wand is used while down streaming, and I demonstrate a few different positioning options which is simply a matter of personal preference.  Also, all of our guns and wands have a swivel on them.  This makes is much easier to rotate the nozzle while cleaning.  It eliminates the need to stop and turn the nozzle.  This is very help for delicate surfaces such as brick or stone where you do not want to use high pressure in order to prevent damage to the surface.  Many questions we receive about this pertain to what comes with it, how to set it up, and how to use it.  So these are the kinds of questions I answer in depth in the video.  I hope all of these POWER WASH BUSINESS TIPS help you out as well.


Another question we receive relates to downstream injectors.  There are various ways to close off your bleach mix to achieve 100% so that you can rinse.  On a typical JRod nozzle, there are two larger nozzle sizes to utilize when drawing your bleach mix.  The two smaller size nozzles are for rinsing only without any bleach.  I cover some of the details when using these various JRod nozzles with downstream injectors.  In addition, I demonstrate how the downstream injector is connected from the pressure washer and show a two bucket option for bleach mix vs rinsing. At time stamp 15:00, I also go over how to use a bypass downstream injector.  It’s a different strategy to achieve the same result.  Again, I hope these POWER WASH BUSINESS TIPS prove to be helpful for you and your business.  If you’re interested in more training, check out my monthly two day training events in Houston!


by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker



What is the number one thing you need when STARTING A PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS? For over ten years, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs with starting a pressure washing business.  I do this through my online video school and monthly 2 day training school events in Houston.  This video post is a little bit different from most of my videos because I just wanted to speak straight from my heart on this.  There is one thing you need before you do anything else if you are going to start this business.  Before you purchase a pressure washer, a trailer or truck, or any other equipment, THIS is what you need to work on!  Even before you get the training, you need to work on your VISION for starting a pressure washing business.


You first need to work on cultivating a VISION for what your business is going to look like.  Are you able to visualize yourself outside cleaning houses, driveways, and roofs?  Vision is defined as the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.  Jonathan Swift says vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.  Vision without action is merely and dream, and having a vision for your business is a critical first step toward success.   Are you able to visualize yourself communicating with customers?  Can you visualize your truck or trailer?  Can you visualize your office set up?



I encourage you to set up a vision board as a first step when starting a pressure washing business.  Perhaps you would have a picture of a truck or trailer that you dream of having some day.  Or maybe you’ll have other pieces of equipment you will need in future such as a surface cleaner, the Kingslinger soft wash system, or a hot water machine on that vision board.  These are basically visual goals that give you something to strive for as you grow and develop your business.  At time stamp 4:15, I talk about some of the strong impressions early in my life all the way back to childhood which helped form my vision.  Ultimately, my own personal vision statement became “I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!”


There are a few personal examples of vision outside of our business that I mention.  One of them is the vision of my childhood pastor to start a Christian high school in Clearwater, Florida.  I also talk about a student that started in this industry with my school in 2012 and today, he has a large franchise operation.  So make sure you have a vision before starting a pressure washing business.  Over time, you will grow, develop, and refine that vision.


by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker



One of my students joined me on a commercial cleaning job in Katy, Texas to learn and expand his skill set to grow his business.  He also spoke about his experience, giving this PRESSURE CLEANING SCHOOL REVIEW video.  This job was for St John XXIII College Preparatory High School with an extremely impressive campus.


He attended my monthly school in June 2021 and is actually from the Katy, Texas area.  Jacques Nash spoke openly about how “green” he was to our industry.  He said “It was very informative and I learned a lot from the hands on training.”  The first day of training is on a job site and gives the opportunity to use a wide range of equipment.  In addition, he was able to use our KINGSLINGER soft wash system.  He also makes it clear that one HUGE advantage is being able to ask questions and “pick my brain” in the moment on the job site.  Make sure you listen to his entire pressure cleaning school review video for all the details.


Once someone attends my school, I remain a lifelong mentor to help them succeed in the pressure washing business.  Any of my students are free to contact with me anytime with any questions or concerns that I might be able to help with.  We use an app called “VOXER” and it is a great way to keep in touch.  In addition, there are many great resources available to my students online through the forum and private access area.


Jacques was in my store purchasing supplies and simply asked what I had planned for the weekend.  That’s when he learned about the project I had planned for the school in the town where he lives, in Katy, Texas.  So Jacques joined me for this project and was able to get even more on the job hands on training at no extra cost.  He was able to use all the equipment on my commercial trailer rig.  He cleaned concrete, brick and stone surfaces on this large school campus.  For more information, please don’t hesitate to check out our FAQ page.