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The new ELECTRIC SOFT WASH system is much like the Kingslinger.  It the response to many requests for something like a Kingslinger but with a 12 volt power supply rather than gasoline compressor.  This unit is light weight, portable and easy to move around.  It doesn’t take up much room, and allows them to clean a roof or house as needed.  So we are glad to introduce what we are calling THE SOFT E.  This stands for The Soft Electric.  This electric soft wash system comes with a Remco 7 GPM 100 PSI 12 volt pump.  With the Kingslinger and the Soft E, you have two system for two rigs.  But you can easily take both systems to one job as necessary.


This ELECTRIC SOFT WASH system is easy to hook up to tanks.  I discuss this in detail with pictures at the 3:30 time stamp in this video.  You can batch mix, or you can plumb it to tanks with uniseals.  It is an extremely flexible system which can be portable or mounted permanently, depending on your needs and desires.  Just make sure you make provision to vent any bleach fumes in hoses.  Another great feature is that it can easily be stored when not in use such as during winter time.  It’s also great for spraying our proprietary cleaning solutions such as RAP, Dougie Fresh, or Kings Kling.  You can even use it to transfer bleach from one tank to another.  You will find a separate follow up video for installing and plumbing instructions.


I just want to remind everyone of all the training opportunities available through my online education portal at my PRESSURE WASHING SCHOOL website.  You will find my online video school, as well as various training events.  In fact, I hold a monthly school in Kingwood, Texas with hands on training and classroom instruction.

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This KINGSLINGER DRAIN KIT video post contains instructions in detail for installation.  The Kingslinger Soft Wash System is ideal for metering your bleach, water and soap mix.  In this video, extensive instructions are provided by my build partner Edwin who has a shop next to mine.  Ed is with High Performance Lubricants and assists with all of my builds and other manufacturing and fabrication tasks.  There’s no better person to walk us through installing the KINGSLINGER DRAIN KIT than Ed!


The compressor comes with two barrel drain plugs already installed on each barrel.  It’s best to install the KINGSLINGER DRAIN KIT on a new compressor with no oil inside so that the unit can easily turn on its side for installation of the drain kit.  The very first step is to remove those drain plugs with a crescent wrench or 9/16 wrench.  You want the drain valve side to be on the same side as the regulator side or the side with mixing GF mixing valves.  This side is also the same side as the compressor regulator.  Ed shows in detail how to loosen fittings and then how to prepare them to ensure they are good and tight.  A 5/16 wrench will also be in use for this step.  Pay close attention to getting them snug but also making sure they are pointing in the right direction.


It’s important to note there is a long piece and a short piece in the drain kit.  The short piece will go on the same side as the mixing valves and compressor regulator.  This is how the KINGSLINGER DRAIN KIT valve itself ends up on the right side.  The last step before tightening all the fittings is to make sure the entire unit is in place properly on your truck, trailer, or van.  You want to ensure the valve has ample space to move.  Do not overtighten but make sure it’s good and snug.  If you are new to this business, here is another post you might be interested in.  It’s a piece I call Pressure Washing VS Soft Washing.


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One of the newer products we now offer at Doug Rucker store are pressure washing shooter tips.  The sling shot shooter tip is designed to help you reach heights of 30-40 feet without the use of a ladder.  The purpose of these are for soft washing using either downstream via a pressure washer or a dedicated pump like the Kingslinger.  So for pressure washers we have them in 2-3GPM, 4-7GPM or 8-10GPM.


In the video below, we provide both pictures and video footage of the shooter tips in action.  The 8-10GPM pressure washer tip provides spray up to at least four stories with no wind present.  This is ideal for cleaning larger homes, hotels, apartment complexes, commercial buildings and so forth.


The Kingslinger Soft Wash System is what we use frequently with an 0020 nozzle.  But we also provide video using the sling shot 2-3 GPM.  However, we prefer the 0020 nozzle over the sling shot for the air diaphragm pump.  There is very little difference, although I can sense a slight better distance from the 0020 nozzle.  The sling shot shooter tip does not come with the quarter inch.  You will need to order this separately if needed.  These awesome nozzles are priced just right!

Shooter Tip





If you are new to the pressure washing industry, one of the first things you will need is a website.  Consider the website service we provide only for the pressure washing service industry.  And here’s some GREAT DEALS too!

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At Doug Rucker Store, we have made several quality improvements on the Kingslinger Soft Wash System.  In this video, we cover these upgrades extensively.  In fact, some of the concepts could help with any soft wash system you might be using presently.  These KINGSLINGER UPDATES are changes and modifications we have made over the Fall months of 2020.


We transitioned the pump from a 5 GPM to a dual 10 GPM pump, which in reality is two 5 GPM pumps working together.  The original plate was not sufficient to secure the pump rightly, so we have upgraded to a stronger plate.  This new plate is all set up for both the 5 GPM or 10 GPM pump, and will improve performance either way.  It is a wider plate and much more stable, which enhances the entire mixing system.  These Kingslinger Updates are covered in detail in the video below.


Another one of the KINGSLINGER UPDATES is the hose we now use for it.  We switched to a new poly braid hose, which is transparent.  This is very nice to able to see the amount of water present in the lines.  Previously, the yellow curly hose was a harder and more brittle hose.  In addition, the look was less than appealing, and hooking and unhooking was more challenging.  On the back, you find all stainless steel hardware attached for securing the Kingslinger to the compressor.  Another great update option is the GF valves.  You will have the option to choose between pentair or GF valves.



Plumbing kits are now available as an option.  It’s always a great idea to have extra hose because you never know when it might come in handy.  You can choose between 1/2 inch or 3/4 for the inlet fittings.  If you plan to use a soap tank, you can choose between 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch.  They will come with a bulkhead fitting which goes to the tank.  Also, here is a link to the soft wash gun I always recommend along with these Kingslinger Updates.

Kingslinger Upgrades

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Many potential customers inquire about Kingslinger Distance through the Doug Rucker Store.  The Kingslinger Soft Wash System can be connected to a 5 GPM or 10 GPM pressure washer.  There are options with the Kingslinger such as with or without the compressor.  Also, hose or hose reel options can be considered.  One of the variables to evaluate when considering  any soft wash system is distance.  We provide a video demonstration of with a measuring wheel.  This allows you to see what you’re actually getting in terms of distance.  Here is more information when considering pressure washing start up business equipment.



Upon measuring in no wind conditions, we were able to get to approximately 45 feet.  This was while using an 0020 nozzle, and then an 0040 nozzle.  Adjusting the ball valve vertically will obviously affect KINGSLINGER DISTANCE.   This is extremely handy especially for roof cleaning projects.  Some distance will be lost from the ground when cleaning straight up on vertical walls.  Our estimate would be around 2 feet.  Wind will also be a factor for distance with Kingslinger, or for any soft wash system in use.  We also discuss in detail the importance of evaluating the actual dedicated pump for any product you are considering.


Another option available is GF valves, which we have found to help improve flow.  You can choose between the GF or Pentair valve system.  The three valve system allows you to control the mix for water, bleach, and any other cleaning solution you might be using.  Regardless of the mix ratio or detergents used, you can still count on approximately 45 feet for KINGSLINGER DISTANCE.  There are several more Kingslinger product videos available on the product website at the bottom that might interest you as well.


Kingslinger Distance

Rear View