by Dean Dean



This DOWNSTREAM INJECTOR VIDEO focus is on how to go from bleach to water when you want to rinse.  Here are direct link to the downstream injector kit that is part of this video.  In addition, I talk about the various nozzle sizes and options and how they affect downstream flow.  One of the great features of this DOWNSTREAM INJECTOR VIDEO is actual demonstration footage of various nozzles and their different spray patterns.  Understanding the two reasons why we call it downstream injector is vital.  First, it’s on the down side of the pump so no chemical is going through the pump.  Second, the injector puts chemical into the line and sends it down for spraying.  Be sure watch this entire video to get all the details.


At the 2:00 time stamp in this DOWNSTREAM INJECTOR VIDEO, take note of the arrow.  It’s a small arrow but it’s vitally important because it’s pointing in the direction the chemical will flow.  After applying the bleach, the next step is to rinse the surface.  In the old days, we would use the various color nozzle tips depending on application versus rinse.  We would use the black tip to apply the bleach, then use the red, yellow, or white tip to rinse.  The question I get often is how to rinse without having to change nozzles.  There are a couple of ways to do this which I explain at the 4:00 time stamp.


But then a new nozzle option came along.  So the question now is how do I stop the flow of the bleach with JROD nozzles?  Two of the nozzles have larger holes like the black nozzle which lowers the PSI of the machine.  This is what allows the bleach to be injected into the flow of the water.  You can rinse with these two nozzles by switching the injection syphon tube from the bleach bucket to a water bucket.  Or you can rinse by using the other to JROD nozzles which lower the PSI of the machine.  If this video is helpful, please check out my online video school.  This is a great way to get the training you need to start and grow a successful pressure washing business.  Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment with any questions you might have about this DOWNSTREAM INJECTOR VIDEO.