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This Power Wash Training Course video features an event in Cocoa, Florida.  The event was held at King Street Baptist Church in Cocoa, Fl in February 2024.  One of the most troublesome areas we cleaned was along the back wall of the facility.  While the concrete was not dirty, you can see how heavily stained the white window sills were in the video.  They were covered with black and green algae.  We we’re able to train about ten participants on this back wall with the wand.  Basically, the bleach changes the color of the algae and our Dougie Fresh helps loosen the stains.  I also taught how to reach the top window sills without using a ladder with the 0060 shooter nozzle.


We talked about the important of looking at the overall job on site and developing a plan for set up.  Location of water supply, rig parking, and hose management are all key pieces of getting set up on the job successfully.  It’s important to think strategically about this in order to save time and physical energy.  We also discussed other issues at length such as property protection and downstreaming.  I was able to demonstrate and allow them to use the FlowPro downstream remote system as well.  Our BigSlinger Soft Wash System was also a major part of the training.


We broke for lunch and moved the truck to set up for roof cleaning in the afternoon.  Spray technique is the most important aspect of effective roof cleaning service.  I demonstrated how to avoid flooding the roof so that you are conserving water, bleach and surfactant while protecting the property.  And we showed how to use tyvac for property protection as well.  This three day training event also included the Difference Makers business growth conference.  In addition, Jeff Blackman provided hands on parking lot stripe training.  We are excited to bring this same three day event to Atlanta, Georgia June 20-22, 2024.  Let us know in the comment section if you might be interested in attending the Atlanta training event.

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Pressure Wash Training Cocoa Florida

Pressure Wash Training Cocoa Florida

Doug Rucker is hitting the road again and he’s heading to Cocoa, Fl along with Jeffrey Blackman of Mr. Shine Power Wash and Striping.  This training will consist of 2 days of hands on parking lot striping and pressure washing training and a 1 day Difference Makers Conference. You can sign up for all three sessions or choose al a carte the training sessions you want to attend. This Pressure Wash Training Cocoa Florida event will be held at the Kings Street Baptist Church located at 1040 W Kings Street, Cocoa, Fl 32922 February 22-24, 2024.

Hands On Pressure Washing and Soft Washing Training

Day 1 – Thursday, February 22 – Hands on Training as I show you how to clean a roof, building, and concrete areas of the church.  The building is rather large so we will have certain areas that we will clean, but you will get a full of understanding of both soft washing and pressure washing, cleaning roofs, building washing, concrete cleaning, and how to protect the property.

Difference Makers Conference

Day 2 –  Friday, February 23-Difference Makers Conference

This conference will focus on the business side of your business. This conference is focused on those that are new to the business and or have been in business for 3 years or less, but anyone is welcome to attend. Here are just a few of the topics we will cover.

Building a Residual Based Income Business – Every business should be built on clients that have a need to continue using your services.  We will discuss and show you ways to build a residual based business.

Difference Makers Conference

Creating & Building Relationships with Clients –  The success of your small business will be based on your ability to build relationships with your clients.  Learn from our years of experience in working both residential and commercial clients on how to create and build relationships.

High End Residential Sales – I call it Mancho Selling.  I’ll use my experience of how to work with higher end clients, big mansions,  and build trust so you can sell value over price.

Commercial Sales – One of the reasons we teach on Creating & Building Relationships with Clients, is because that’s so important in commercial property sales and working with Property Managers.  We’ll share proven techniques and strategies on how to get more commercial clients and build residual income.

Pricing – Never ask someone else “how much should I charge”.  We will teach you and show you how to confidently price any job based on YOUR business.  In fact, everyone attending will actually participate in establishing your pricing.

Hands On Parking Lot Striping Course

Day 3 – Saturday, February 24th – Parking Lot Striping

This is a one day course covering classroom instruction as well as hands on training.  You will actually get the opportunity to use the striping equipment, stencils, paint and other tools used for striping, as we stripe the church parking lot.

Parking Lot Striping Course

Jeffrey will also be teaching you strategies to help you start and operate your striping business.

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Job safety
  • How to use a striping machine
  • ADA Laws and regulations
  • Hands on Training
  • How to keep your records and finances and much more…

Get registered today. You can choose individual trainings, or register for all 3 at a discounted rate with the All Access Pass.



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This POWER WASHING VAN setup video features a new Dodge Ram ProMaster 3500.  The request from our customer was that we build this van precisely the way we would want it if the van was mine.  The Doug Rucker Store provides professional pressure washing businesses with van, truck or trailer builds in Houston, Texas.  Through our experience, we continually perfect important factors like maximizing space, plumbing, and venting.  Our approach ensures maximum productivity and longevity from the investment you make in the equipment you use.


This POWER WASHING VAN set up begins with an 8 GPM cold water pressure washer.  Next is the 24 inch little big guy surface cleaner securely in place with wheel chucks.  Then you will find the KINGSLINGER soft wash system with plumbing to both bleach and water tanks. All plumbing runs up through the ceiling so that floor space remains uncluttered and clean.  This provides both a fantastic visual appearance yet practical functionality for movement throughout the van at the same time!  There also a drain kit on the Kingslinger which makes maintenance for the compressor hassle free.  Additionally, a downstream remote box as well as a fill hose reduces effort and saves time.  This equipment is toward the back of the van.


In the front side of this POWER WASHING VAN are all the hoses and reels.  First, the Hannay Reel three stack unit are all electric and moveable on a rail track system with secure locking features.  The bottom reel holds the garden hose.  The middle reel has the pressure hose, and rounding out the top hose is the soft wash hose from Flexilla.  Like the plumbing, all of the electric wiring is nicely hidden inside the reel rack.  It looks clean, uncluttered, and protects the wire for maximum efficiency and longevity.  The complete electric system runs to and receives power from the pressure washer batter.  There are some other great features so be sure and watch the entire video for every detail.  Let us know if we can help with your next truck, trailer or van build.  You can contact us through the Doug Rucker Store website.



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This video features commercial property cleaning tips on a large, metal building with some unique challenges.  There is a lot of limestone split face block which is very dirty because of its highly porous nature.  Another description folks use for this is decorative block.  Notice in the video the before and after photos that will give you a great feel for this project and how effective our cleaning methods turn out.


I explain how we use an adjustable cone nozzle for cleaning this decorative block.  Using a dedicated pump with the adjustable cone nozzle allows you to apply a gentle mist for this porous surface.  We apply a 50% bleach mix mist so that the mix is not bouncing off the wall or running down onto the ground.  I also show how we use an extension wand for this application method.  We use the KINGSLINGER soft wash system to apply the mist mix.  You can find the Kingslinger specifications and purchase options here.


There is no need to flood a surface with bleach mix.  This is especially true when applying solutions for roof cleaning.  The goal is simply to get a nice, small coat onto the surface so that the bleach and the oxygen from the air can work together.  In golf lessons, they usually advise something like “don’t try to kill it.”  In other words, overpowering your swing is counterproductive.  This also applies to the amount of bleach mix you put on the surfaces that you’re cleaning.  Don’t kill it or overpower it.


We could see both black and green mold or mildew colors on the metal walls.  This is very common on surfaces where there is little exposure to the sun.  Our first attempt at downstreaming was ineffective, so the Kingslinger came in handy for this part of the job as well.  We apply a 30% with the 10 GPM Kingslinger soft wash system with the 0020 nozzle.  There are more tips so be sure to check out the entire video!  If you are interested in learning more about all the training options we provide, check out our extensive FAQ page.



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One of the questions many new pressure washing professionals have is how much pressure washer hose length do I need?  Typically, new pressure washing professionals start out with a portable pressure washer.  And one of loyal YouTube channel viewers is inquiring about this very thing.  We always recommend starting out with a BELT DRIVE pressure washer because it is far more reliable for commercial use.  In addition, you can connect to a buffer tank to draw water.


When using a portable pressure washer, there is no need for any more than 100 feet of hose.  With proper set up of the portable machine, you can easily get 200 feet of coverage because you are using two different hoses collectively.  You could easily add an additional 50 foot spare hose for larger projects.  But we recommend 100 foot of initial pressure wash hose for portable units.  In addition, our experience is that a one wire hose is much easier to manage because they are lighter in weight.  The two wire hose is heavier, doesn’t last any longer, and costs more.


Another consideration with portable pressure washer hose length is how you will hook it up.  There are couple different options to choose from.  First, you could use quick connects to connect hoses as needed.  A second option is a 3/8 inch coupler.  This is the best option if you are storing the hose on any type of hose reel.  The quick connects take up more straight space than the coupler which makes the circular hose reel wrapping much more challenging.  So you would need to decide if you’re rolling the 100 foot hose up together with the 50 foot hose for storage.


One great option we offer at Doug Rucker Store is a portable pressure washer with hose reel.  We also remove all the bend restrictors from every hose because they are a huge nuisance to work with.  The bend restrictors trap water which causes rust.  Finally, check out some of the FAQs about the various training opportunities we provide in the Houston area.

Pressure Washer Hose Length