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This is a basic TRUCK SKID system video that explores each piece of equipment available at The Doug Rucker Store.  This particular type of set up is extremely popular and we have built many of these in the past.  Keep in mind all of the rig builds are completely customizable.  You design your own set up, and we’ll build it for you.  But this TRUCK SKID unit is a great template to consider for your pressure washing business.  It is a compact system built on a pallet skid that can be moved with a fork lift.  You can move this from truck, trailer or van and then into storage if necessary.  They are adaptable to you particular space, equipment and transport needs.


This TRUCK SKID starts out with a cold water 8 GPM skid pressure washer.  There is a 14 gallon fuel tank, which will allows you to complete an entire day’s work without running out of fuel.  The FLOW PRO down stream remote system is also on board.  The video clearly shows how the bypass mounts between the pressure washer and the Flow Pro remote box.  The three way poly valve allows easily switching from mix to water.  This enables him to rinse out his downstream injector.  Keep in mind that the owner for this particular TRUCK SKID set up will be using it for downstreaming only.


There are two 12 inch King’s reels with a 200 foot fierce jet pressure hose and 100 foot of flexilla garden hose.  And finally, there is a 55 gallon water tank which supplies the pressure washer.  Some may suggest that this is too small of a tank.  However, if you are solely providing residential service, the water tank is continually filling.  At the same time, you are on and off the gun so using the water is somewhat sporadic.  This tank also has the Topaz float valve inside.  Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions.  We always enjoy an opportunity to build a custom truck, trailer or van rig that you design.

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This POWER WASHING VAN setup video features a new Dodge Ram ProMaster 3500.  The request from our customer was that we build this van precisely the way we would want it if the van was mine.  The Doug Rucker Store provides professional pressure washing businesses with van, truck or trailer builds in Houston, Texas.  Through our experience, we continually perfect important factors like maximizing space, plumbing, and venting.  Our approach ensures maximum productivity and longevity from the investment you make in the equipment you use.


This POWER WASHING VAN set up begins with an 8 GPM cold water pressure washer.  Next is the 24 inch little big guy surface cleaner securely in place with wheel chucks.  Then you will find the KINGSLINGER soft wash system with plumbing to both bleach and water tanks. All plumbing runs up through the ceiling so that floor space remains uncluttered and clean.  This provides both a fantastic visual appearance yet practical functionality for movement throughout the van at the same time!  There also a drain kit on the Kingslinger which makes maintenance for the compressor hassle free.  Additionally, a downstream remote box as well as a fill hose reduces effort and saves time.  This equipment is toward the back of the van.


In the front side of this POWER WASHING VAN are all the hoses and reels.  First, the Hannay Reel three stack unit are all electric and moveable on a rail track system with secure locking features.  The bottom reel holds the garden hose.  The middle reel has the pressure hose, and rounding out the top hose is the soft wash hose from Flexilla.  Like the plumbing, all of the electric wiring is nicely hidden inside the reel rack.  It looks clean, uncluttered, and protects the wire for maximum efficiency and longevity.  The complete electric system runs to and receives power from the pressure washer batter.  There are some other great features so be sure and watch the entire video for every detail.  Let us know if we can help with your next truck, trailer or van build.  You can contact us through the Doug Rucker Store website.