by Dean Dean



If you need a family business rig build, you’ve come to the right place!  In this video, a mother and father work together with their boys on a homeschool project.  In this particular case, the project is to start a business.  So this family brought a very basic 10 foot trailer to us.  We we’re able to provide them with a starter set up with the very minimum equipment needed to start a power wash business.  If you would like to start a family business, maybe this family business rig build would fit your family as well.


This Family Business Rig Build starts with a 5.5 Gallon Per Minute pressure washer.  It is a gear drive machine that delivers 3000 PSI with an option to choose between pull start or electric start.  They chose electric start.  Feeding the pressure washer machine is an 80 gallon water tank.  You can choose various size tanks that range from 16 gallons to 225 gallons.  The tank also has a job float valve which automatically shuts the water off once the tank is full.  Then they have two Kings hose reels with a stack kit.  The top reel has a garden hose while the bottom reel has 200 feet of fierce jet pressure hose.  This hose also has the ball valve set up.  You will also notice the downstream bypass injector.  They will downstream out of a bucket.


The FAMILY BUSINESS RIG BUILD also has a 20 inch Whirl-A-Way surface cleaner for driveways and sidewalks.  While they chose the floater option, you could also get it with casters instead.  They have our pressure wash gun assembly along with the jrod nozzle kit.  And they have a couple of extension wands.  This set up has room to add equipment as their business grows and they expand services.  Eventually, they’ll have a soft wash system for roof cleaning with another hose and another tank.  At approximately 4:00 into the video, take note of why it’s important to utilize a dual axle trailer for all power wash rig builds.  Again, this is a great little starter basic set up if you’re looking for a family business rig build.  Aside from the trailer cost itself, the equipment cost for this rig build is in the $8000 general ball park price range.  If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, send an email to  Also, don’t forget to check out my online video school that will drastically cut your learning curve.