by Dean Dean

Pressure Washing Water Reclamation

Pressure Washing Water Reclamation


For any pressure washing water reclamation strategy, pre cleaning is vital.  Make sure the entire area is well swept to eliminate as much debris as possible before you start cleaning.  This keeps the BatGuard Pro T system operating a maximum potential.  This system consists of a flexible 10 foot long boom which allows for various configuration set ups.  It is specifically designed to filter out heavy metals, suspended solids, odors and more.  Plus, it is extremely cost effective as it allows up to 200 cleanings before replacing.  It comes with test strips and a sliver reflective marker to enhance visibility at night.  And we always place a large cone in the middle of the drain grate for protection and greater visibility.


Properly rinsing and storing the BatGuard Pro T pressure washing water reclamation system helps to increase longevity.  Store it dry in the bucket it comes in, and it’ll be ready to use again on the next job site.  If you have any questions about this product, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  You can email or call or text 281-612-1223.  You can also learn more about it on the product page of the Doug Rucker Store website.  For additional training opportunities, keep an eye on my Pressure Washing School EVENTS.