by Dean Dean

Power Wash Van Setup


Our Power Wash Van Setup is the main subject of this video post.  This video is unique as the recording was made with a new set of video glasses.  So I welcome any feedback viewers might have about this particular video.  So first off is the 8 GPM skid pressure washerThis video post might help you as you consider which pressure washer to select for your start up business.  And then of course, the Kingslinger Soft Wash System is also on board as part of this power wash van setup.  At approximately 1:00 into the video, I talk about some recent changes to the Kingslinger.  For this particular build, the mixing station is not mounted to the compressor as it usually is.  But we were able to customize a wall mount with all the hoses hidden so everything looks nice and clean.  Later in the video, we also point out the Kingslinger drain kit as well.  This makes releasing pressure from the compressor convenient and is a big time saver.


There are two 100 gallon tanks in the middle of the van.  One is for bleach and the other is for water.  Both tanks are well vented through the bottom of the van to protect the equipment from bleach gasses creating deterioration and damaging equipment.  There is space between each tank which provides ample room to walk throughout the van.  This makes work on the job and maintaining equipment extremely convenient with easy and spacious access.  Then we also include the Flow Pro Remote System for downstreaming along with the actuator for bypass and three way poly valve.  This valve means fast and easy rinsing of the downstream injector.  This particular custom build is easy to operates and delivers easy access to everything on board.


While the previous equipment is from the back door, the side door opens up to the surface cleaner.  This 24 inch Lil’ Big Guy packs a powerful punch for concrete cleaning of driveways, sidewalks, and the like.  Directly behind this surface cleaner are the three Hannay Electric hose reels with circuit breakers.  Then you have the fierce jet pressure hose, and flexilla garden as well as soft wash hoses.  This van is almost brand new and is in excellent condition.  Guns and nozzles are all ready for action for this power wash van setup.  This particular customer attended our school about a year ago and is doing very well in his business.  In fact, this is his second custom build from the Doug Rucker Store.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help with any equipment or custom build needs you may have.  You can call or text 281-612-1223 or email