by Dean Dean



This TRAILER RIG BUILD video post details work for a customer from Atlanta, Ga.  In this particular post, I do take a little more time and cover some of the products in greater detail.  I also point some of the specific installation and plumbing features as part of this project.  We are aware of and receive many questions from people who are trying to build your own rig.  So this TRAILER RIG BUILD video will be very helpful to that end.


To start things off, this trailer has a 5 GPM pull start pressure washer.  It is plumbed directly to a water tank with a uniseal bulk head and water inlet banjo with filter.  There is also a second tank for bleach.  The banjo cam locks make it real convenient to drain the water tank and use the water to fill a five gallon bucket or do some equipment rinsing.  The water tank also has a Topaz Compact Float Valve.  The unloader has a whip hose directly connected to the hose reel with downstream bypass injector.  At about 2:50, I explain in detail how this works and how it helps save time, effort and energy.  We alot of uniseals for all our builds because they eliminate possible air leaks.


This TRAILER RIG BUILD also has a Kings Stack hose reel unit.  It has three hoses, a garden hose, a pressure hose and a soft wash hose.  I also explain how a mountain box with three way poly valve inside helps with the bypass injector.  The main purpose of this is to be able to rinse out the downstream injector so that bleach does not corrode it.   Of course, the KINGSLINGER SOFT WASH SYSTEM is our proprietary unit along with the drain kit.  This three valve system can be personally adapted and used according to your own personal needs for water, bleach and another cleaner.  Be sure and leave a comment if you have any questions about this TRAILER RIG BUILD.  We work closely with all of our customers to provide custom rig builds for trucks, vans, trailers and skids.

by Dean Dean

Building a Power Wash Trailer


We are always glad to help pressure washing business owners when Building A Power Wash Trailer.  In fact, we we work closely on this with owners from all over the United States.  Whether it’s a truck, van, or trailer, we build open air and enclosed rigs.  In this example, we are building a power wash trailer for a father son team from Lafayette, Louisiana.  This video provides customer testimony regarding the exceptional service and prompt communication we provide.  We even provide training to ensure you know how to use all the equipment effectively and efficiently.  They even won some homemade cookies!  (But the gift box is not included! :). We appreciate their business and provide a full walk around and equipment breakdown in this video.


This 20 foot trailer was brought to us and starts with an 8 GPM Largo Hot Water Pressure Washer.  It also includes an 8 GPM Largo cold water pressure washer.  Both of these machines rely upon the Honda GX 690.  He uses two large square tanks for water with the banjo valve for fast and easy draining.  He also has a smaller tank to use for degreasers but plans to switch that out to a larger tank.  There are some other plumbing items I cover in detail in this video so be sure and watch it in its entirety.


The hoses on this set up are one flexilla garden hose and two fierce jet pressure hoses.  These hoses stack nicely on the King’s Reel stack kit.  There is an additional 18 inch soft wash reel with a Soft Jet Soft Wash Hose which connects to the SOFT E.  The Soft E is the electric version of the Kingslinger Soft Wash System.  This is a light weight, portable system that requires very little footprint.  For additional pressure washing business supplies, check out Doug’s Link Deals on my school website.    If you ever need help BUILDING A POWER WASH TRAILER, don’t hesitate to let us know.