by Dean Dean



We have been selling quite a few Kingslinger Soft Wash Systems recently as peak season is approaching.  One of our viewers who recently got the Kingslinger was asking questions about BLEACH TANK TRANSFER methods.  In other words, what are some of the ways to move stored bleach on to a tank on your truck?  So in this video, I go over several options you could use.  In fact, I go over some of the methods we have used in the past as well as what we are doing presently.  We hope this BLEACH TANK TRANSFER video post will help new guys in the pressure washing business.


You may have a 12 volt pump or an air diaphragm or numerous other systems to leverage.  As you long as it’s plumbed properly or you have separate hoses to use, this will work.  In detail in this BLEACH TANK TRANSFER video, I show all the hook ups and transfer paths.  We always use uniseals as well as pvc to add weight to hoses to keep them at the bottom of the the tanks.  If you also have soap in your tank, this will prevent suds because it eliminates any air gaps.  I have a separate pump to transfer bleach but again, you could use your own pump system for this.  A supplemental hose kit would be ideal to use with the Kingslinger.  Details on this start at about 4:00 into the video.


Regardless of the system and method you use, it’s vital to rinse your pump after any BLEACH TANK TRANSFER method.  I will put a little bit of water into the bleach tank I’m transferring to, but then let the water run out onto the ground.  I do that for about five minutes or so.  There are more methods, strategies, tips and issues that I cover in detail in this BLEACH TANK TRANSFER video.  So be sure and watch the entire video.  Also, don’t hesitate to let us know if you need our website services.