by Dean Dean



WATER TANK SIZE is an important consideration for your pressure washing business.  In fact, I was noticing in recent weeks that several people were asking questions about this through email or my YouTube channel.  “What size tank do I need for my power wash business rig?”  The first important consideration is whether you are doing residential work, commercial work or both?  My commercial rig has a 525 gallon water tank on it.


First and foremost, you will  want to compare the total of weight of your full tank or tanks with how your truck or trailer axles is rated.  A water tank size of 525 gallons is extremely heavy, and it’s very rare that much water would be used on a job site.  Water weighs approximately 7 lbs per gallon.  Don’t forget to include the actual weight of just the empty tank in your water tank size calculation decision.


In my 30 years of experience, I conclude that a water tank size of 225 gallons hits the sweet spot.  This is even for commercial cleaning.  I just never saw the need on a job for a tank larger than this.  We have an 80 gallon bleach tank on the same commercial trailer.  We use the Kingslinger Soft Wash system and caution that if you do not have a mixing system like this, you’ll want a larger bleach tank.  This is because you will be batch mixing, and you’ll also want another thank for your full strength bleach.  Here’s another helpful post on transferring bleach from one tank to another.


At about 10:30 into the water tank size video, there is another trailer.  This trailer has two 100 gallon tanks.  This is perfect for doing mostly residential and light commercial work.  This is for an 8 GPM pressure washer.  Much of this depends on the amount and volume of water coming out from your water source.  Be sure and drop a question in the comments is there is more information you need about water tank size.