by Dean Dean



This TRAILER RIG BUILD video post details work for a customer from Atlanta, Ga.  In this particular post, I do take a little more time and cover some of the products in greater detail.  I also point some of the specific installation and plumbing features as part of this project.  We are aware of and receive many questions from people who are trying to build your own rig.  So this TRAILER RIG BUILD video will be very helpful to that end.


To start things off, this trailer has a 5 GPM pull start pressure washer.  It is plumbed directly to a water tank with a uniseal bulk head and water inlet banjo with filter.  There is also a second tank for bleach.  The banjo cam locks make it real convenient to drain the water tank and use the water to fill a five gallon bucket or do some equipment rinsing.  The water tank also has a Topaz Compact Float Valve.  The unloader has a whip hose directly connected to the hose reel with downstream bypass injector.  At about 2:50, I explain in detail how this works and how it helps save time, effort and energy.  We alot of uniseals for all our builds because they eliminate possible air leaks.


This TRAILER RIG BUILD also has a Kings Stack hose reel unit.  It has three hoses, a garden hose, a pressure hose and a soft wash hose.  I also explain how a mountain box with three way poly valve inside helps with the bypass injector.  The main purpose of this is to be able to rinse out the downstream injector so that bleach does not corrode it.   Of course, the KINGSLINGER SOFT WASH SYSTEM is our proprietary unit along with the drain kit.  This three valve system can be personally adapted and used according to your own personal needs for water, bleach and another cleaner.  Be sure and leave a comment if you have any questions about this TRAILER RIG BUILD.  We work closely with all of our customers to provide custom rig builds for trucks, vans, trailers and skids.

by Dean Dean

Best Power Wash Trailer


Doug Rucker Store features the BEST POWER WASH TRAILER for your business in this video.  While we are in the Houston, Texas area, we work with customers throughout the country on custom rig builds.  This particular build is for a local customer from Katy, Texas.  With the exception of the two tanks, all equipment on this build is from the Doug Rucker Store.  We provide a step by step walk through in this BEST POWER WASH TRAILER video.


First, this trailer has an 8 GPM cold water pressure washer.  Next, you will see three Kings Hose Reels with a Kings Stack Kit.  For soft washing, he went with the extremely light weight and portable SOFT E electric soft wash system.  The Soft E is a 12 volt five gallon per minute machine.  He did a great job painting the floor of this trailer and securing all of the equipment himself.  He then brought it back to us to finish the trailer by plumbing the entire system.  There is something very important I explain at 3:00 into the BEST POWER WASH TRAILER video.  It is great advice for those who are just starting out in the pressure washing business.  This trailer also includes the fierce jet pressure hose as well as the flexilla garden hose.


Last but not least, he went with the 24 inch Steel Eagle surface cleaner.  This is especially great unit for doing to commercial work.  Right at 6:00 into the video, Chris actually arrives to pick up his trailer.  For additional training for your pressure washing business, check out our events page and take advantage of monthly hands on training.  My passion is helping pressure washing business owners develop their skills and grow their business.  With over thirty years of experience in this industry, I look forward to helping you any way that I can.  Be sure and leave a comment if you have any questions about this BEST POWER WASH TRAILER video post.