by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


This video post features the STEEL EAGLE SURFACE CLEANER.  I provide step by step assembly instructions in the new training center and build warehouse.  This particular model is a 24 inch deck with powder coated steel U handle for easy maneuvering.  We have been having trouble with supply lines on some of the other brand surface cleaners that we carry.  But the STEEL EAGLE SURFACE CLEANER is selling very well recently and I have actually switched to this unit myself.  In using it, I have found it to be one of the best units I have ever worked with.


This model arrives in a box and basically needs complete assembly.  While some of the other models we sell do come more partially assembled, the STEEL EAGLE SURFACE CLEANER does not.  I estimate the assembly time for this to be about 20 minutes.  Some of our customers have indicated that the instructions included are not real clear or concise, and this why I have put this video post together.  Attaching the handles to the deck is the very first step.  You will need a 7/16 and a 9/16 deep socket and wrench.  At time stamp 4:14 of the video, I provide a real important little tip you will not want to miss!  The next step is installing the swivel which requires the 9/16 socket and wrench.  Then, the spray bar is next. There is also an important nozzle tip I explain.


The final steps for assembling the STEEL EAGLE SURFACE CLEANER include hose and wheels installation.  At about 18:00 minutes, you don’t want to miss me whacking my thumb shortly after I warned viewers not to whack your thumb! 🙂  Plus, one final set completes assembly which is installing the castor wheel.  Take a look at my online pressure washing school if this video post has been helpful and you are new to this industry.