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Starting a Roof Cleaning Business

One of the most important educational things you can do when starting  Roof Cleaning Business is getting actual hands on training.  You need to learn how to actually clean a roof.  And how to protect the property such as the plants and surrounding landscape.

At the Roof Cleaning School, we provide you with actual hands on training. This means you actually do the spraying, under close supervision.  You learn how to clean many different surfaces, with the equipment in YOUR hand.

While sitting in at a computer for many hours going through countless You Tube videos will help you to learn much about our industry, cleaning mixes, equipment, safety, and more, you will never learn how to actually clean a roof or house without the actual hands on training, and doing it yourself with training as you go.

Our training starts off with you learning proper spraying techniques to clean a roof using LOW PRESSURE. After you have sprayed a roof you will then participate in cleaning other areas.  The home itself, driveway, and if available a pool deck, wood deck, and more.

Starting Roof Cleaning Business

Starting Roof Cleaning Business

Included in this article are pictures of students that attended the The Roof Cleaning School.  They received hands on training. Each student also received classroom training.  Classroom training is on the second day of attendance at my Roof Cleaning School.

A great advantage of The Roof Cleaning School is you also get training in the Pressure Washing as well as Soft Washing cleaning methods.  Anyone Starting a Roof Cleaning Business will want to be well versified to tackle a wide variety of exterior cleaning projects.

For more information about The Pressure Washing School, please call or text me at 281.883.3630

I have an awesome Online Pressure Washing School that is perfect if you are just starting a pressure washing business.  You can also get some great tips at my You Tube Channel.

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