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Recently, several people sent emails and text messages asking questions about REMOVING OXIDATION.  Oxidation occurs on various surfaces where the paint or coating has failed due to time as well as UV rays from the sun.  Paint quality is another contributing factor.  In order to text for oxidation, rub your finger lightly along the surface and see if your finger picks up color.  There will be a light, chalky substance on your finger.  Avoid applying a lot of pressure when you test for oxidation so that a large, deep smudge is not left behind.  This is an important first step in removing oxidation, which I demonstrate on a painted, metal surface.


If the test confirms oxidation, you will need to set customer expectations.  You should let your customer know both in writing and verbally that oxidation is present on the surface.  Let them know that while you can remove organic and biological stains, it may end up looking inconsistent or have splotches.  Make sure they know the cause of this is not your cleaning process or products, but the presence of oxidation.  This is common on vinyl siding, metal garage doors, painted stucco and other surfaces.


If your answer to REMOVING OXIDATION is pressure washing, you’re going to end up making it look worse.  At 2:19 in this video, you’ll see an example of this “striping” result.”  In this case, some of the oxidation has been removed while some of it has been left behind.  So make sure to never use pressure when the job calls for removing oxidation.  We use a soft washing approach as well as our RAP DEGREASER cleaner surfactant.


At 3:30 in the video, I provide a cleaning demonstration for REMOVING OXIDATION using RAP.  There is nothing harmful in this product and we use a very light brushing stroke to get an even penetration to the surface.  Here is the BRUSH WE USE.  I am using a spray bottle for demonstrating a small section.  But for the larger wall, I would normally use our KINGSLINGER SOFT WASH SYSTEM to apply the mix.  Depending on the area of space you are cleaning, a pump up sprayer may also be a very good option for you to use.  For our removing oxidation services, we also provide a free estimate and charge more specifically for this service because of the increase in time it takes to accomplish this successfully.  It’s important to communicate this clearly to customers and answer any questions they may have about removing oxidation.

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