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Pressure Washing Truck Rig

I’m excited to showcase my new Pressure Washing Truck Rig that I designed. We are using this for both Soft Washing of buildings and Pressure Washing concrete or other hard surfaces.. This rig has a 18 Horse Power engine and 5 gallon per minute pump. It also comes with two Hannay Electric reels.  However, you can opt for manual reels to keep the price lower if you choose. It is capable of down streaming your house or building wash mix.  With the flip of a dial, you can rinse the surface as well as rinse out your injector.  This without having to remove the injectors. It’s all plumbed right to the mix tank for ease of use.

I designed this unit and had a local Houston Pressure Washing supplier company, RamTeq build it. RamTeq is a great company to work with, and has the ability to fabricate pretty much anything you want. The “sled”, or base, is made of aluminum and is very light weight which means less stress on your truck when hauling. We can have this built for you and shipped to your location or you can pick up here in Houston. If it’s shipped you just need to have someone with a fork lift so they can slide into your truck bed. the sled is 6 foot long a 4 foot wide and can be made longer for 8 foot beds if requested.

Pressure Washing with no trailer

We love being able to go out to our Houston Pressure Washing jobs and clean pretty much anything, with the exception of a roof, with this rig, and not have to haul a trailer.
It’s also nice for maneuvering around certain jobs that don’t have a lot of space, like cul-desacs in neighborhoods where driveways are close together.

Everything is designed and built for ease of use. Gas tank on same side as gas fill for truck. Hose Reels and machine on passenger side so it’s easy to roll out and back up when at a residential or commercial property.

If you are interested in one of these, please call or text me at 2818833630 and I’ll be glad to help you.


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