by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


What is the number one thing you need when STARTING A PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS? For over ten years, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs with starting a pressure washing business.  I do this through my online video school and monthly 2 day training school events in Houston.  This video post is a little bit different from most of my videos because I just wanted to speak straight from my heart on this.  There is one thing you need before you do anything else if you are going to start this business.  Before you purchase a pressure washer, a trailer or truck, or any other equipment, THIS is what you need to work on!  Even before you get the training, you need to work on your VISION for starting a pressure washing business.


You first need to work on cultivating a VISION for what your business is going to look like.  Are you able to visualize yourself outside cleaning houses, driveways, and roofs?  Vision is defined as the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.  Jonathan Swift says vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.  Vision without action is merely and dream, and having a vision for your business is a critical first step toward success.   Are you able to visualize yourself communicating with customers?  Can you visualize your truck or trailer?  Can you visualize your office set up?



I encourage you to set up a vision board as a first step when starting a pressure washing business.  Perhaps you would have a picture of a truck or trailer that you dream of having some day.  Or maybe you’ll have other pieces of equipment you will need in future such as a surface cleaner, the Kingslinger soft wash system, or a hot water machine on that vision board.  These are basically visual goals that give you something to strive for as you grow and develop your business.  At time stamp 4:15, I talk about some of the strong impressions early in my life all the way back to childhood which helped form my vision.  Ultimately, my own personal vision statement became “I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!”


There are a few personal examples of vision outside of our business that I mention.  One of them is the vision of my childhood pastor to start a Christian high school in Clearwater, Florida.  I also talk about a student that started in this industry with my school in 2012 and today, he has a large franchise operation.  So make sure you have a vision before starting a pressure washing business.  Over time, you will grow, develop, and refine that vision.