by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


I recently converted my PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS TRUCK from a standard bed to a utility bed.  Even though the transition is not complete, I got the video together as soon as I could.  This is because there were so many requests from my YouTube channel community members to see it.  I greatly appreciate all the support my viewers have provided through the years with likes and shares as well as questions and comments.  The results are fantastic and I am so glad I made the invest of time and effort to this truck conversion project.


We begin highlighting the 10 GPM KINGSLINGER SOFT WASH SYSTEM with the GF valves.  I note in the video that I will add the drain kit to the compressor in coming days.  Then we have an 8 GPM cold water skid pressure washer with a Honda GX 690.  We use this machine for residential and light commercial projects.  On the previous truck set up we also had a 5 GPM machine which was never really used, so this machine was not included in the transition.  I like the result of more space with a cleaner look, as well as less weight.  In this PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS TRUCK video, I show the old ski set up at the 4:30 time stamp.


I call the other side of this PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS TRUCK the residential service side.  This side always faces the house so that all the hoses unwind in that direction.  In the cabinets on this side, I keep most of my tools.  Wrenches, plyers, water keys, fittings, downstream injectors and more are all organized for fast and easy access.  I also keep two pump up sprayers containing my RAP and Dougie Fresh cleaners.  Our Dougie Fresh is great for windows and other places around the property needing soap.  We use the RAP mainly for gutters as well as light grease and oil stains.  There is also a separate storage compartment for property protection items that help us detail certain areas such as entry ways, porches and the like.  Of course, rounding out the top of the residential service side is three hose reels.  We have a pressure hose, a garden hose, and a soft wash hose. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the YouTube comments section if you have any questions about this PRESSURE WASHING BUSINESS TRUCK bed conversion.