by Dean Dean


This PRESSURE WASHER WATER SUPPLY video post from Doug Rucker will help power wash business professionals.  There is a banjo fitting hook up for a garden hose water supply on the Doug Rucker Store website.  One end of the hook up goes on the garden hose and stays there permanently.  The other piece you would keep in your truck, but pull out to use once you’re ready to hook up to the customer’s water supply.  This other piece that goes on the faucet and allows for a faster, easier and more convenient connection.  Not only does it save time and effort, but eliminates a lot of faucet connection leaking issues.


Notice there are two PRESSURE WASHER WATER SUPPLY adapters.  They are essentially the same thing except the fittings are inverted.  At the 4:30 video time stamp, I explain which one I use and why I prefer it.  Both will work effectively and it is simply a personal preference.  The main to remember is don’t forget to remove the faucet fitting hookup after each job.  Keep it handy in your truck for the next job.  I also take a little extra time in this video to mention another important tip relating to rolling up your hoses.  You don’t want fittings, hookups, guns and ball valves dragging on the ground and risking damage on the concrete.  Even in the grass, roots, rocks, and other things could damage whatever you have on the end of the hose.


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