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Pressure Washer Air Bubbles

This post deals with diagnosing and correcting PRESSURE WASHER AIR BUBBLES, or air leaks throughout your system.  You might be using either our Kingslinger Soft Wash System or the SOFT E electric system.  Or perhaps you are using a system you built on your own.  So hopefully this video will help you pin point where those pressure washer air bubbles, or air leaks, are coming from.  You will first notice or hear this as a “spitting sound” coming from your gun, nozzle or other spray device.  At 1:40, you will actually see and hear this sound.



If you notice PRESSURE WASHER AIR BUBBLES, or “spitting,” there are a wide variety of places where the leak might be occurring.  Diagnosing for air leaks becomes and important part of the process for keeping your system operating a maximum potential.  In fact, this video post arises from customer questions asking for assistance with this.  With the modern valve systems, there are more connections than when we were batch mixing many years ago.  In those days, the only air leaks were generally right at the pump.  The steps for diagnosing begins at approximately 4:30 of this Pressure Washing Air Bubbles video.


Make sure all valves are in the off or closed position, and then turn the machine on.   Then turn only one valve on or to the open position and let it run for a few minutes.  Listen carefully to see whether you hear that “spitting” sound coming from the gun.  Test each valve that you have in the same way.  Once you have identified which valve results in the pressure washer air bubbles, you are ready for the next step.  At about 8:50, I walk through all the variables that could be the possible cause of the air leaks from the machine to the tank.  I sure hope you’ll watch the entire video because there is more information than what can be posted here.  Thank you for checking out this post, and we hope it has been helpful for your pressure washing business.   Be sure a leave a comment if you have any questions, or if there are other issues I can help with.  For additional training opportunities, check out my Pressure Washing School.  We have monthly training events as well as an online video school.

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