by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


Do you own your own Pressure Wash Business?  This Pressure Wash Truck Video features a recent build for one of our students from Atlanta, Ga.  He attended our monthly school in January 2022, and now Carlos is getting a utility service body truck identical to my own setup.  Through my Doug Rucker Store, we provide truck, trailer and van set ups for pressure washing professionals.


In this video, we do a complete walk-a-around so that you can see all the equipment Carlos is getting.  His truck is a 2013 Ford F-150 double cab with long bed.  We removed the long bed and then put the utility body on in its place.  We then install Line-X to protect the surface for long term functionality.  Carlos was patient but found it was completely worth the wait to get the truck precisely as he wanted.  We hope this PRESSURE WASH TRUCK VIDEO helps you evaluate your own business rig.  Then, let us know if we can help take your equipment to the next level!


The video includes all the equipment in detail, but we start with the Kingslinger Soft Wash System.  Then there is an 8 Gallon Per Minute pressure washer, and a ladder rack.  Tanks, a surface cleaner, and cleaning supplies are part of this package as well.  He got three electric reels as well as the flow pro downstream remote system.  We demonstrate how fantastic this set up for storing back up tools, equipment and accessories. In addition to the equipment, we provide extensive training for how to operate and use the equipment effectively and efficiently.  My school also included lifetime mentoring and availability through Voxer to help with any challenges, questions, or issues that might arise on a job site.