I enjoy college football! Every Saturday morning during the Fall season, I like to catch COLLEGE GAMEDAY with Kirk Herbstreit and the gang to see which city is hosting their show. The show always ends with Lee Corso’s headgear pick and that’s consistently intriguing. The College Game day opening song is very clever, as they sing “WE ARE COMING TO YOUR CITY!”  Then, it’s great to catch so many of the great college football traditions being played out all over the country all day long!


Well, like College Gameday, the pressure washing school can very easily come to your city! If you have maintenance staff that provides pressure washing for your facility, it’s much easier for us to bring the school to you than it is for you to bring your staff to Houston. We combine classroom instruction with on the job equipment demonstration to raise the skill and safety standards of your maintenance staff team. In addition, we train them on appropriate cleaning solutions and mixing ratios for specific stains found on your property. We make them aware of the newest equipment options along with parts and accessories that make their time on the job more productive and more efficient, conserving resources. In short, we train them to clean more property in much less time, which saves thousands of dollars over the long run.



Once your staff is part of the pressure washing school as one of my students, they remain part of my school for life! You can also purchase access to a library of helpful videos that is ever expanding, now with over 150 videos available. They have direct access to me personally, which allows me to answer any questions they have as issue’s arise on the job site. We also have an app available through Adroid and Ios which provides great networking opportunities, and the chance to share insights and learn from others also enrolled in my school located throughout the US. Many pressure washing techs have established lifelong friendships as they came to know one other through my school and learned they were located in the same area!


WE ARE COMING TO YOUR CITY! You don’t have to make signs and we’re not messing with headgear. But we will have a great time training cleaning technicians to raise their pressure washing game! For more information on how you can bring my pressure washing school to your city, call or text 281-883-3630.  Feel free to check out the real difference we have made for those who have enrolled by checking out these testimonial video reviews.