by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


Recently, we had the opportunity to provide pressure wash trailer help to one of our loyal YouTube channel viewers.  Right here in Humble, Texas where I live, this enclosed trailer came to us for a few modifications and additional equipment.  It was already built out, and even had a very cool track system for the pressure washer to slide out.  But he wanted us t0 add the Kingslinger soft wash system, hose reels, the schertz box remote control for down streaming, and a bleach tank.


The Kingslinger soft wash system was added along with the drainage plumbing kit.  This kit allows moisture from the barrels to escape through the bottom of the trailer.  The 80 gallon vertical tank with bands  and plumbing is also a great addition to this enclosed trailer.  In addition, you will notice in the video we install three titan electric hose reels on slide tracks for easy access and maneuverability.  This idea comes from the owner of the trailer and is a great feature that we can now offer to all of our customers in the future.  It utilizes space efficiently and allows for greater organization of tools and accessories.  This pressure wash trailer help opportunity will greatly benefit others desiring the same features.


Prior to our pressure wash trailer help modifications, a winch controls the pressure washer movement in and out.  We can also build a winch for future installations on trucks and trailers.  Not only does this feature help on the job site, but it’s also very handy for performance maintenance on the machine.  Of course, you will want to watch the entire video to get the full effect.  However, the winch video demo is right at the 7:00 minute mark.  If you are interested, here is another trailer build video.

pressure wash trailer build