by Dean Dean


In this POWER WASH TRUCK SETUP video post, Doug Rucker walks you through another custom build.  This six foot truck bed skid is for a customer who works in Katy, Texas.  We start with a 200 foot fierce jet pressure hose on a Kings Reel.  Then the soft wash hose also has a soft wash ball valve gun and jrod nozzle kit.  Then you will notice a flexilla garden hose which hooks up to the customer’s water supply also on a King’s Reel.  This hose fills a water tank which is equipped with a jobe float valve which stops the water flow once the tank is full.  There are two 100 gallon tanks, one for water and one for bleach.



This POWER WASH TRUCK SETUP comes equipped with our proprietary electric soft wash system we call THE SOFT E.  In this particular build, we put this inside of a large protective aluminum chrome box.  The main idea here is to deliver a 50/50 mix for roof cleaning and other soft washing projects.  For the basic differences between soft washing and pressure washing, check out this video.  He also has a 5.5 GPM gear drive pressure washer machine because we’re working with a limited amount of space and footprint to work with on this particular POWER WASH TRUCK SETUP build.  The gas tank is built into the machine, so a separate gas tank does not eat up extra space.  Whether we call it gear drive or belt drive, that pretty much refers to the same thing.


The POWER WASH TRUCK SETUP also includes a FLOW PRO REMOTE bypass system for downstreaming.  At approximately 3:3o, I explain why it’s so important to remove this mechanism during transport.  If you have any questions whatsoever about our custom builds, don’t hesitate to email  You could also call or text 281-612-1223.  And if you prefer, you could reach out directly through our website contact us online form.  We strive to make it as easy and convenient for you as possible to contact us.  Check out all of our training opportunities here.


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