by Dean Dean


Doug Rucker’s personal F250 Utility Truck Rig is up for sale!  He has had it for a couple of years but is ready to move on and build something else.  He has another truck and will build a new skid on that once this one is sold.  This video post features a full walk through and allows you to everything that is included in the sale price of $27,500.  THIS IS A GREAT DEAL if you are looking for a POWER WASH TRUCK FOR SALE to start or grow your business.  If you are interested in it, you can call or text 281-883-3630 or you can send an email to


The truck comes with the Big Slinger Soft Wash System.  It has two 3/4 inch valves.  One is for metering bleach and the other is a ball valve for water.  The compressor is about a year and a half old and runs great.  We keep the oil changed regularly with our High Performance oils, not the cheap stuff!  The pressure washer is an 8 GPM cold water machine with 307 hours of usage.  It is also in great shape and runs very well.

There is a 24 inch steel eagle surface cleaner, as well as a gas tank.  It feeds both the soft wash compressor as well as the pressure washer.  Then you’ll have two 100 gallon tanks, one for water and the other for bleach and both are vented.  Be sure and watch the entire video for all the details and equipment included.  You will also get tools, nozzles, accesories, cleaners, pumpup sprayers, gloves, and so much more.


Also included is a downstream gun, pressure wash gun assembly, adjustable wand, and a couple of aluminum pipe wand extensions.  There are three electric hose reels with a pressure hose, a garden hose, and a soft wash hose.  They are all electric Hannay reels that have circuit breakers.  This is required by Hannay in order to honor and keep the valid the warranty they offer.  It even includes the Flow Pro Remote Bypass System for downstreaming.  It truly is “fully loaded” and “fully equipped” for anyone wanting to start or expand your pressure washing business.