by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


This POWER WASH BUSINESS TIPS video post answers questions from my YouTube channel viewers.  Specifically, I had several questions about the adjustable wand that we use.  I always enjoy answering questions because I know it will be helpful to many others who might also have similar questions.  The adjustable wand is actually the ADJUSTABLE DUAL LANCE STRAIGHT WAND.  And there are a few other POWER WASH BUSINESS TIPS in this video post as well concerning other things.


I call it “adjustable wand” because we use it to adjust our pressure while cleaning around delicate surfaces.  This wand is used while down streaming, and I demonstrate a few different positioning options which is simply a matter of personal preference.  Also, all of our guns and wands have a swivel on them.  This makes is much easier to rotate the nozzle while cleaning.  It eliminates the need to stop and turn the nozzle.  This is very help for delicate surfaces such as brick or stone where you do not want to use high pressure in order to prevent damage to the surface.  Many questions we receive about this pertain to what comes with it, how to set it up, and how to use it.  So these are the kinds of questions I answer in depth in the video.  I hope all of these POWER WASH BUSINESS TIPS help you out as well.


Another question we receive relates to downstream injectors.  There are various ways to close off your bleach mix to achieve 100% so that you can rinse.  On a typical JRod nozzle, there are two larger nozzle sizes to utilize when drawing your bleach mix.  The two smaller size nozzles are for rinsing only without any bleach.  I cover some of the details when using these various JRod nozzles with downstream injectors.  In addition, I demonstrate how the downstream injector is connected from the pressure washer and show a two bucket option for bleach mix vs rinsing. At time stamp 15:00, I also go over how to use a bypass downstream injector.  It’s a different strategy to achieve the same result.  Again, I hope these POWER WASH BUSINESS TIPS prove to be helpful for you and your business.  If you’re interested in more training, check out my monthly two day training events in Houston!