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Pressure Washing Startup Rig

Pressure Washing Startup Rig

Have you ever wondered what a Pressure Washing Startup Rig might look like?  Perhaps you are considering starting your power wash business and aren’t sure where to start.  You have come to the right place!  In this video post, we highlight a “mini rig” for a customer that is new to the business.  There is a complete walk through of all the equipment which begins with a water fill hose plumbed to the water tank.  And 200 feet of fierce jet hose for pressure washing.  Both of these are on Hannay manual reels.  And of course, he is getting a Flow Pro Remote Bypass System for downstreaming.  This saves so much time and effort on every job that you do not want to start your business without it!


This Pressure Washing Startup Rig comes with two tanks, one for water and one for bleach.  These are each 50 gallon slimline tanks that fit perfectly at the front of the truck skid which is where you want the most weight.  This custom rig comes with a surface cleaner holder on top and a pressure washer just beneath.  All of this is for Ted’s Ford pick up truck who also appears in this video at the 1:35 time stamp.  Ted and his sons attended my monthly hands on training event in Houston and are not fully trained and equipped.  This Pressure Washing Startup Rig is what I call a “nice little money making rig.” And this is the ideal set up to start your own pressure washing business.


Please keep in mind that all of our builds are completely custom made for your needs and to fit your budget.  This means we build not just truck skids, but also van and trailer builds whether open or enclosed.  Take a look at this particular Kingslinger Soft Wash Skid Set Up and see if it might work for you!  We hope this Pressure Washing Startup Rig video has been helpful for you.  If so, you should also check out my plumbing a pressure washer video post as well.

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I’m launching a new series of videos on to help guys building their own rigs.  So this Plumbing a Pressure Washer video post is the first of the series.  We always begin with the water inlet to the pressure washer.  That’s usually the first thing we plumb.  The water inlet is how you’re feeding the pressure washer with water.  There are two ways to do this.  You can either plumb it direct aka force feeding, or gravity feed using a water tank.  Direct feed or force feeding means using a water hose connected directly to the water supply on a house or building.  There is something very important to remember when using a water supply from the property.  Make sure your gallons per minute water supply flow is producing more gallons per minute than your machine.  At the 2:00 time stamp, I show how you can calculate this by performing a bucket test.  Don’t overlook this important step in the plumbing a pressure washer process.


Plumbing a Pressure Washer can also be done by gravity feeding with a water tank aka buffer tank.  I recommend any belt drive or gear drive machine that is 5 gallons per minute or higher utilize a water tank for gravity feeding.  This way you can have the unloader bypass water back to the tank.  This allows you to be off the trigger for longer time increments than when force feeding from a water supply.  This prevents the water from heating up inside the pump.  When force feeing, make sure you’re not off the trigger for more than one minute.  I do mention the high temp valve at 4:45 into the plumbing a pressure washer video.  Be sure and watch the entire video for other specific pluming connection details.  And another great video you might want to watch is this video on hose reel fittings.



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This Power Wash Training Course video features an event in Cocoa, Florida.  The event was held at King Street Baptist Church in Cocoa, Fl in February 2024.  One of the most troublesome areas we cleaned was along the back wall of the facility.  While the concrete was not dirty, you can see how heavily stained the white window sills were in the video.  They were covered with black and green algae.  We we’re able to train about ten participants on this back wall with the wand.  Basically, the bleach changes the color of the algae and our Dougie Fresh helps loosen the stains.  I also taught how to reach the top window sills without using a ladder with the 0060 shooter nozzle.


We talked about the important of looking at the overall job on site and developing a plan for set up.  Location of water supply, rig parking, and hose management are all key pieces of getting set up on the job successfully.  It’s important to think strategically about this in order to save time and physical energy.  We also discussed other issues at length such as property protection and downstreaming.  I was able to demonstrate and allow them to use the FlowPro downstream remote system as well.  Our BigSlinger Soft Wash System was also a major part of the training.


We broke for lunch and moved the truck to set up for roof cleaning in the afternoon.  Spray technique is the most important aspect of effective roof cleaning service.  I demonstrated how to avoid flooding the roof so that you are conserving water, bleach and surfactant while protecting the property.  And we showed how to use tyvac for property protection as well.  This three day training event also included the Difference Makers business growth conference.  In addition, Jeff Blackman provided hands on parking lot stripe training.  We are excited to bring this same three day event to Atlanta, Georgia June 20-22, 2024.  Let us know in the comment section if you might be interested in attending the Atlanta training event.

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How To Replace Honda GX690 Fuse

How To Replace Honda GX690 Fuse

Are trying to figure out How To Replace Honda GX690 Fuse?  If so, this video post is perfect for you!  I’m Doug Rucker and my passion is helping pressure washing business pros start and grow their business.  In addition to my commercial power wash service in Houston, I also provide training and equipment.  Sometimes, the Honda GX690 won’t start.  This video post is the result of a question from one of our viewers asking for more details from an earlier video.  We sure hope this video about How To Replace Honda GX690 Fuse helps if you experience this issue.


It’s really amazing that something so small as a fuse can stop work on a job and ruin your day.  But these are the kinds of thinks we like to prepare you for.  It’s just a small 30 amp fuse, and it’s hidden from view behind the key switch.  I have experienced with this first hand both with a cold start and even when trying to restart on a job after turning it off.  The usual first assumption is a dead battery but it’s important to consider the fuse first.  So for How To Replace Honda GX690 Fuse, you’ll need a 10 mm socket.  There are two screws behind the key switch to remove.  One is on top and the other is right beneath it.  This will detach the key switch box from the engine.  At the 5:15 time stamp, you’ll see one phillips-head screw that you also need to remove. You then remove a wire harness band which looks like a big o-ring.


There is a small case or fuse holder that you can access.  At this point, pull the 30 amp fuse out and replace it with a new 30 amp fuse.  Then check to see if starting is successful.  I also suggest leaving the fuse holder hanging outside for easy access if this occurs again.  And of course, keep spare fuses with you on hand somewhere with your rig.  This way, you won’t lose any time on the job due to such a small and easy maintenance fix.  Be sure and watch the entire video for all the little tricks and details I provide.  And leave a comment if you have experienced this issue and if this video post was helpful in resolving it.



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Doug Rucker is building a new NEW TRUCK SKID for his own use.  He recently posted a picture of this NEW TRUCK SKID and received quite a few questions and comments in response.  This video post is the response to those comments and questions and provides a quick run through.  This unique view will provide an opportuinty to see the build in process before it hits the bed of the pick up truck.  It is a six foot skid for a Toyota Tundra truck.  It is also known as a short body skid.  It has enough room for what I need for my commercial power wash business.  But I also intend to utilize it for travel training events.  The first such travel training event is schedule for February 22-24 in Cocoa, Florida.


First and foremost, we made sure to include our proprietary BIG SLINGER.  This soft wash system will have two 3/4 valves on it.  One is for water and the other is for bleach.  I always just add my soap to my bleach so I only use two valves.  I never really found the need to meter soap.  Our Kingslinger Soft Wash System does have three valves for those who prefer having the option to do so.  There is a newer version of the compressor.  It has lower handles, a larger gas tank and no fuel pump.  We have an 8 GPM pressure washer.  At the 3:00 time stamp, we go over various minor modification details on the pressure washer machine.  There is also a twelve gallon as tank.


There are two 100 gallon slim line tanks on this NEW TRUCK SKID.  At 8:15 I provide the specific demensions.  I mention Connor at Elite who sold us these tanks as well as the skid.  He is also a bleach distributor.  His phone number is 775-781-4153 if you would like to contact him.  I also discuss venting as well as our bleach fill tank kit.  Then you will note three electric hannay hose reels.  One is for water fill, one is for a soft wash hose, and one is for fierce jet pressure hose.  There are several other elements of this NEW TRUCK SKID that you don’t want to miss!  So be sure and watch this entire video.  Please leave a comment if you have any questions or is this post has been helpful to you.


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In January 2024, we held a live in person F 9 RESTORATION TRAINING event with Craig Harrison . Craig came from Arizona to The Doug Rucker Store in his CLEANING CLASSROOM for both classroom instruction and hands on training.  There are four different F 9 cleaning products that this training covered.  They are Double Eagle, Efflo, Barc and Grounds Keeper.  Each has a unique and proprietary solution that provides effective cleaning for over 140 stains.  These stains are particular stains which cannot be cleaned with traditional bleach and surfactant solutions.  This video post gives you an inside and detailed look at the F 9 RESTORATION TRAINING event with about 15 participants.


Seeing the various F 9 RESTORATION TRAINING tools in action was an awesome sight.  This includes a state of the art floor scrubber, surface cleaner, blowers, and an electric hand sprayer.  Craig provided a complete history of how each of the four cleaning products came into existence.  One of the things he stressed was that we are not just pressure washing service companies.  We are actually operating in the health and safety space as he mentioned “cosmetic cleaning.”  Chemical safety protocols, hard surface restoration tools, and the F9 cookbook with mix ratios were all covered in classroom training.  Be sure and watch the entire video to get a good feel for everything covered in this F 9 RESTORATION TRAINING event.


Doug Rucker and Jeff Blackman are bringing live, in person training to Cocoa, Florida.  February 22 is hands on power washing training.  February 23 is their Difference Makers Conference.  And February 24 is parking lot stripe training.  Check out all the details and register here.


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Hose Reel Fittings


This HOSE REEL FITTINGS video post features new fittings now available at Doug Rucker Store.  When talking about hook up for a pressure hose, there are a couple of other videos available on my YouTube channel.  One of them is a three stack reel kit, and another focusing on selection and installation.  There are a couple of fittings that now offer, which makes things a little bit easier.  I am now using these fittings myself and use them for all of our builds moving forward.  In the past, we would hard plumb the hose to the reel with a 1/2 inch bushing.  The are several variable fittings that I mention in the video as well, so be sure and pay close attention!


Quick Connect Fittings are always part of my hose reel fittings set up.  In fact, I use them anywhere and everywhere I possibly can.  It makes things much easier to change things out or make repairs.  It also saves alot of time both on the job and in the shop.  We now have the General Pump quick connect sets in 1/2 inch thread X 3/8 end.  This eliminates the need for a bushing.  At the 3:10 time stamp, you’ll see an example of both and the visual differences between the two.  While opions vary on this, my preference is to always use brass over stainless steel when available.


There are several reel brands available on our website.  They include Hannay, Kings, Steel Eagle, and General Pump.  This video demonstration uses the Hannay brand but this video applies the same way to all four brands.  They start with a 1/2 fitting on the manifold, and a 1/2 swivel on the other side. Don’t forget the teflon tape and loxeal for these kinds of installs.  The 4:50 time stamp begins with in depth instruction and the entire video is approximately 20 minutes.  If you have any questions about this video, please dont hesitate to ask in the comments section.  You may also send an email to or call or text 281-623-1223.  Check out all of our training events coming up soon!

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Pressure Washing Training Florida

Pressure Washing Training Florida

Doug Rucker is hitting the road again and he’s heading to Cocoa, Fl along with Jeffrey Blackman of Mr. Shine Power Wash and Striping.  This training will consist of 2 days of hands on parking lot striping and pressure washing training and a 1 day Difference Makers Conference. You can sign up for all three sessions or choose al a carte the training sessions you want to attend. This Pressure Wash Training Cocoa Florida event will be held at the Kings Street Baptist Church located at 1040 W Kings Street, Cocoa, Fl 32922 February 22-24, 2024. Our last Orlando Florida Pressure Washing School was a held a few years ago.

Hands On Pressure Washing and Soft Washing Training

Day 1 – Thursday, February 22 – Hands on Training as I show you how to clean a roof, building, and concrete areas of the church.  The building is rather large so we will have certain areas that we will clean, but you will get a full of understanding of both soft washing and pressure washing, cleaning roofs, building washing, concrete cleaning, and how to protect the property.

Difference Makers Conference

Day 2 –  Friday, February 23-Difference Makers Conference

This conference will focus on the business side of your business. This conference focuses on those that are new to the business and or have been in business for 3 years or less, but anyone is welcome to attend. Here are just a few of the topics we will cover.

Building a Residual Based Income Business – Every business should be built on clients that have a need to continue using your services.  We will discuss and show you ways to build a residual based business.

Creating & Building Relationships with Clients –  The success of your small business will be based on your ability to build relationships with your clients.  Learn from our years of experience in working both residential and commercial clients on how to create and build relationships.

High End Residential Sales – I call it Mancho Selling.  I’ll use my experience of how to work with higher end clients, big mansions,  and build trust so you can sell value over price.

Commercial Sales – One of the reasons we teach on Creating & Building Relationships with Clients, is because that’s so important in commercial property sales and working with Property Managers.  We’ll share proven techniques and strategies on how to get more commercial clients and build residual income.

Pricing – Never ask someone else “how much should I charge”.  We will teach you and show you how to confidently price any job based on YOUR business.  In fact, everyone attending will actually participate in establishing your pricing.

Hands On Parking Lot Striping Course

Day 3 – Saturday, February 23rd – Parking Lot Striping

This is a one day course covering classroom instruction as well as hands on training.  You will actually get the opportunity to use the striping equipment, stencils, paint and other tools used for striping, as we stripe the church parking lot.

Parking Lot Striping Course

Jeffrey will also be teaching you strategies to help you start and operate your striping business.

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Job safety
  • How to use a striping machine
  • ADA Laws and regulations
  • Hands on Training
  • How to keep your records and finances and much more…

GET REGISTERED TODAY. You can choose individual trainings, or register for all 3 at a discounted rate with the All Access Pass.

You can also get some great Pressure Washing tips and tricks at my YouTube Channel.


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Doug Rucker’s personal F250 Utility Truck Rig is up for sale!  He has had it for a couple of years but is ready to move on and build something else.  He has another truck and will build a new skid on that once this one is sold.  This video post features a full walk through and allows you to everything that is included in the sale price of $27,500.  THIS IS A GREAT DEAL if you are looking for a POWER WASH TRUCK FOR SALE to start or grow your business.  If you are interested in it, you can call or text 281-883-3630 or you can send an email to


The truck comes with the Big Slinger Soft Wash System.  It has two 3/4 inch valves.  One is for metering bleach and the other is a ball valve for water.  The compressor is about a year and a half old and runs great.  We keep the oil changed regularly with our High Performance oils, not the cheap stuff!  The pressure washer is an 8 GPM cold water machine with 307 hours of usage.  It is also in great shape and runs very well.

There is a 24 inch steel eagle surface cleaner, as well as a gas tank.  It feeds both the soft wash compressor as well as the pressure washer.  Then you’ll have two 100 gallon tanks, one for water and the other for bleach and both are vented.  Be sure and watch the entire video for all the details and equipment included.  You will also get tools, nozzles, accesories, cleaners, pumpup sprayers, gloves, and so much more.


Also included is a downstream gun, pressure wash gun assembly, adjustable wand, and a couple of aluminum pipe wand extensions.  There are three electric hose reels with a pressure hose, a garden hose, and a soft wash hose.  They are all electric Hannay reels that have circuit breakers.  This is required by Hannay in order to honor and keep the valid the warranty they offer.  It even includes the Flow Pro Remote Bypass System for downstreaming.  It truly is “fully loaded” and “fully equipped” for anyone wanting to start or expand your pressure washing business.



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This KINGSLINGER UPDATES 2023 post reflects changes on both the compressor and our system since my last updates video.  In this video, one of my students is picking up his Kingslinger Soft Wash System.  Victor is actually our first Spanish Speaking school student that we provided translation for.  The Kingslinger along with two tanks and a hose reel will be set up on the back of his pickup truck.  His desire is for the system to be portable, meaning he can move it in and out of his truck as necessary.  Be sure and watch the entire KINGSLINGER UPDATES 2023 video and then leave a comment with any questions you may have.


Right off the bat, the compressor handles on the newer compressor model are not as high as on previous models.  This allows us to attach the Kingslinger Soft Wash System directly onto those handles.  The placement of the Kingslinger is a little bit higher making it easier to get to.  These are minor changes and it is still fairly simple to assemble and install.  At 5:30 you will note details of gallons per minute and distance or reach.  I have been able to clean 2-3 story buildings with this exact system many, many times!  Another great feature of this system contributing to portability are the banjo fittings.  The tanks he will use are the low profile, slim line 55 gallon tanks for water and for bleach.  We use uniseals without bulk heads to tighten up that connection into each tank.


This KINGSLINGER UPDATES 2023 set up includes 250 of flexilla soft wash hose with soft wash ball valve gun and JROD nozzles.  He also have a couple of adjustable cone nozzles.  These are great for cleaning around delicate landscape areas where you really need to control your bleach output.  This has a nice range from straight stream to a fine mist.  It’s extremely handy and helps save you alot of money by reducing bleach waste.  At the 14:00 time stamp, I explain how to use a supplemental tank hose with a 5 gallon bucket and making use of the third valve.  It allows you to mix soaps and surfactants like our RAP for oxidation stripes from gutters and things of that nature.