by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


This HOSE REEL SET UP post with video is in response to a viewer question.  In fact, several of my YouTube Channel viewers asked this same question.  How do I plumb my hose reels?  So in this video, I provide the answer with a King’s three stack unit as part of the build process for one of my Doug Rucker Store customers.  A garden hose, a soft wash hose, and a pressure washing hose attach to this reel stack unit. The garden hose is always on the bottom, and the soft wash hose is in the middle.  Finally, the pressure washing hose is always on top.  We usually connect out soft wash hose to the KINGSLINGER soft wash system.  I explain why the HOSE REEL SET UP always follows this order in the video.


Some of the tools you will need for HOSE REEL SET UP include a 5/16 nut driver, hose clamps, and an adjustable wrench.  In addition, I use pipe cutters as well as a heat gun.  If you do not have a heat gun, a torch or blow dryer would be a nice substitute.  It’s also helpful to have Lock Seal and teflon tape.  You will use this to install the handle on one side with the brake on.  Then you will install the hose swivel on the opposite side.  The hose swivel should end up on the same side as locking pin.  This is a must so that the reel can spin freely without obstruction as the handle turns.  Hose barb sizing is another important piece for setting up hose reels, so I cover this in detail in the video.  Another helpful video for all things hose reel set up is this one on INSTALLING BULKHEAD FITTINGS.


In the video at 9:35, I cover the actual hoses I use as well as the hook up details for each hose.  We use the Flexilla garden hose, and a 1/2 inch soft wash hose.  Some prefer a 3/4 inch soft wash hose, and I provide insight into the differences between these two options.  The top reel is the 3/8 pressure hose with a quick connect and plug fitting.  Be sure the watch to entire video to understand all the details, ins, and outs!