In this video post, we talk about DOWNSTREAM BYPASS INJECTOR kits.  The reason we use this over a standard injector is it allows us to switch from mix to rinse quickly and conveniently.  It also allows maximum flow and pressure from the pressure washer machine.  In this video, I also discuss the importance of using the appropriate nozzle to ensure you’re getting the right mix.  There is a ball valve on the bypass injector.  Changing this valve is what results in drawing the mix or using it to rinse.


At approximately 7:00 into this DOWNSTREAM BYPASS INJECTOR video, I show how it hooks up to the pressure washer machine.  And I also cover in greater detail the correct nozzle choices for this set up.  It also very important to make sure you are rinsing the injector our with plain water after each job in complete.  This will prevent premature corrosion which would result by leaving traces of bleach inside it.  I highly recommend having a spare injector or two with you on the job so that you can simply replace the injector and keep working when it fails.


We are finishing up a truck skid build for a customer from Katy, Texas.  So I was able to also demonstrate the DOWNSTREAM BYPASS INJECTOR hookup on this skid build as well.  In this case, we have a pressure hose reel coming into the pressure washer machine with a whip line.  And there is a three way poly valve which provides convenient access to either bleach or water.  In addition, we have a FLOW PRO remote system set up as well.  For this truck skid, he can remove the DOWNSTREAM BYPASS INJECTOR and transport it inside his truck.  You don’t want it bouncing around as you’re driving.  This prevents possible damage as well as theft.  The three options available upon purchase are connectors, flow rate, and assembly.  Assembly is whether you want to arrive “RTU” which means ready to use, or DIY, which means you assemble it yourself.