by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker


One thing that every job must have is some sort of water source.  Either it’s on the property, or you’re hauling the water.  Recently we overcame a few challenges getting water on large commercial property.  So this commercial pressure washing setup post and video will help other pressure washing professionals do the same.


First, what are your water source locations?  Second, how much water pressure flow volume are able to get from each location?  Third, what is the distance from the water sources to the cleaning areas?  The answers to these questions help determine how you set up for commercial jobs.  This will help determine the ideal setup location based on how many times will you need to move setup in order to keep cleaning.  As you examine water sources, check for leaks and let the owner know about those issues.

commercial pressure washing setup







One important tool to possess for commercial pressure washing setup is a water key.  A four way sillcock key is another term for this tool that opens enclosed water sources on many commercial properties.  But these are usually available at home improvement stores or hardware stores in plumbing.  You really need to watch the entire video to gain more practical information for commercial pressure washing setup.  The video provides an aerial schematic of the various water flow options along with back flow.  These can be difficult to locate on commercial properties.  If you are new to the pressure washing industry in need of a website, consider this!

For more tips and tricks on commercial pressure washing, check out this video.