by Doug Rucker Doug Rucker

Commercial Building Wash

Does your pressure washing business offer COMMERCIAL BUILDING WASH as a service?  If not, you should definitely consider adding it.  And if you do, you’ll want to consider including window washing as well.  Here are some important tips to remember if you ever end up pressure washing commercial properties.  With over 25 years of experience, I have learned a thing or two and enjoy passing these lessons along to others.  My hope is that what I share will greatly reduce your learning curve.


The first thing that we clean when providing a commercial building wash is the sidewalks and the entry way area.  This way after the building wash, rinsing both the sidewalks and the building at the same time saves time.  Also, cooler concrete cleans up better.  So the earlier the concrete is cleaned, the better!  In addition, pushing a surface cleaner in the hottest part of the day is least desirable.  Streamlining your work to cut down on steps saves time, makes you more profitable and conserves your effort and energy.  The doors for the entry way into this building were exposed by missing some of the gasket and insulation material.  So we taped the door way to seal it off so water does not intrude into the building.  Always remember to pressure wash in the direction of away from the doors and the building.  In case of wood flooring, you have to be extra cautious to prevent water intrusion.  And don’t use high pressure directly on the doors.  We hand detail doors and windows, which is a high level of superior customer service than what most companies do.


Even in cases where we are not cleaning the parking lot, there is a little some extra special we do.  We always cleaning the handicap parking spots.  This makes the area just a little big safer and a little less slippery as people are getting in and out of their cars.  For this particular job, we also cleaned the dumpster area and mailbox at no extra cost and which was not part of the original written proposal.  Be sure and watch the entire video for even more COMMERCIAL BUILDING WASH tips!  Here is the link to my online video school if you are interested in learning more.


Commercial Building Wash